2024 Full Moon in Capricorn

Today’s Full Moon in Capricorn (6/21/24) opposing the Sun, Venus and Mercury (close to each other in Cancer), brings us back to Earth and Water themes. After so much Fire and Air of the past few months we are called back to Root (Capricorn) and Nourish (Cancer) as the Sacred Masculine (Air/Fire)  weaves a dance of maturation and fruition with the Sacred Feminine (Earth/Water).

At first, when looking at today’s chart my thought was, “Oh, what a mess.” LOL. Very quickly, however, I could see how connected and tethered all of that dynamic energy is. There is so much support, guidance, integrity and coherence in the geometry of today’s Full Moon.

The Cancer Stellium (three or more celestial bodies in a sign) calls us Home and supports us to come back to ourselves with comfort, kindness and safety. We are protected, not by a hard, rigid shell, but by the stronger and more adaptive energy of Love and the powerful sense of Self we have been cultivating so far this year through the Aries, Taurus and Gemini Seasons. 

The Full Moon in Capricorn coming right after the Solstice creates profound and abundant currents of energy; Cancer is there to calm and sooth us. We can redirect any anxiety, confusion or overwhelm with practices like Earthing, breathing, connecting with Nature or movement meditations like Qigong, Tai Chi or Yoga. Keep it Simple. Earthing just means being barefoot on the Earth and breathing. Even a few breaths and a moment to connect with our senses (barefoot or not) can shift our perspective and break us out of an unhelpful spiral. Try moving your eyes side to side and up and down while breathing. Notice how that changes things for you.

Today’s Capricorn Full Moon bookends with the next Full Moon, also in Capricorn on 7/21/2024. This happens when we have a Full Moon at the beginning degrees of a sign so that the next Full Moon becomes full at the ending degrees of the same sign. The July Full Moon culminates at 3:17am (US Pacific Time) and a mere 45 minutes later moves into Aquarius with the Sun still in Cancer (moving into Leo just after midnight on 7/22).  More on the 2nd Capricorn Full Moon next month. The important thing to take from this is that Capricorn is taking us on a journey of maturation over the next month.

What is new in your life? What needs Parenting or Reparenting (Capricorn/Cancer)? We have strong support from the Cosmos to tend to what is new and just beginning. This could be something small or big. Remember that small steps lead to big movements. Never underestimate the Power of the Small.

There are currently 6 Planets/asteroids in Water signs and 6 planets/asteroids in Earth signs. Sprinkled around the orb of the Sky these celestial bodies are connecting in harmony and ease with each other. There is a lot of flowing and smoothing/soothing indicated here which is serendipitous and synchronistic. I recently learned about something called The Infinity Wave. This practice was brought to us by and through Hope Fitzgerald. The main concept is to imagine an infinity symbol made of water and use it to connect via the Heart to any person, place or entity with the intention of loving transformation and highest good for All. Magical Movement with Love = The Infinity Wave, a 10th Dimensional Wave of Pure Crystalline Love.

The image I chose for this offering combines the potency and oneness of Water with the solidity, security and higher manifestation of the Mountain as well as the mysticism of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Wow. Take a few breaths to center into this image of magic, wonder and hope. From here, as we tap into the essence of loving-kindness we can bring it back into creation on Earth. Even for a moment. No moment is too small or too short.

This is the task, promise and highest vibration of the Sea Goat (Capricorn): Work (Capricorn) for the Greater Good. As Bees (Capricorn) return to Home/Hive (Cancer), bring your outward expression in to nurture the Home and Hearth. Replenished and sustained, we express outward again for the whole of Humanity and Oneness with All. I sense a figure 8/infinity symbol in this flow.

Capricorn Full Moons are a good time to reassess, to check in from the New Year and look ahead, reseting intentions if indicated.  Where have we grown and matured? Where do we need to cultivate more maturity? What is our  emotional responsibility? What does success look like; feel like? What does productivity and value look like; feel like? What are we carrying in responsibility? Is it heavy and weighing us down? Is that what Capricorn asks us to do? Or, with Tail submerged in the Water of Oneness even as the Sea Goat rises up the mountain of self actualization are we asked to Inner Parent with a deep awareness of support and care?

But wait, there’s More!

Neptune is supremely exalted (potent) in the last minute of the last degree of Pisces (29:54°) and positioned at the apex of a Grand Trine (Vesta/Goddess of the Hearth in Scorpio and Athena/Justice in 1°Leo being the other points of the triangle) as well as in sextile to Pluto in Aquarius on one side and Uranus in Taurus on the other.  We continue our collective journey recreating and reworking our Human experience with Pluto and Uranus in easy dialogue with Neptune/Divine Oneness. This Cosmic Template is profoundly opening our Hearts and expanding our compassion and kindness towards self and others as we realize (Earth) our connection to All (Pisces). We have huge support from the Cosmos to release what is ending with Love and to connect to the Dreamtime. All forms of meditation, stillness, listening, dreaming and tapping into multidimensional reality are amplified and encouraged. Get that psychic reading, throw that I Ching, play with those Tarot cards, incubate that dream!

Neptune squares this Cancer Sun and Capricorn Moon asking us to bring our efforts and emotions in line with Spirit. Let Go and Trust. I know how easy it is to say…be willing to trust, if you can’t actually do so. Meanwhile, the Capricorn Moon holds Neptune steady and reminds us not to get lost in the Ether or distracted by addictions. Steady on. The quiet Moon Magic of Cancer (Moon rules Cancer) brings calm and stillness as she returns us to Center. 

Chiron and the North Node in Aries both create challenging aspects to Athena in Scorpio and Juno/Lilith in Virgo; both of the latter are sextile each other. This calls us to make inner adjustments and listen deeply for ways to find common ground between our fiery initiations and new beginnings while honoring the call for deep transformations in justice (Athena in Scorpio) and making space for the Autonomous Feminine (Lilith) committed to relationships (Juno) and service (Virgo). Take the inspiration of Fire and the desire for movement and fresh starts and bring that into alignment with realities of relationship, suffused with our Deep Truth.

Saturn and Neptune in Pisces are slowing down to go Retrograde at the end of June and the beginning of July. This is an immense shift and reset of our emotional and energetic bodies in relationship to the Divine. Retrogrades invite all of the ‘re’ words: return, recover, relief, review, reconnect, recreate, rejuvenate, refresh. You may already be feeling glitches or fogginess from the intensity of this upcoming transit depending on where Saturn, Neptune and Pisces are in your chart.

“Becoming one with the Wave does not mean there will be no pain – it means you will move through your pain. It means there is a landing point, and a tumbling back into the Wave. You are always moving, going deeper into this infinite connection, not knowing how you will emerge, but sure you will emerge…Each time you are a little wiser, a little better equipped…” The Infinity Wave~Hope Fitzgerald.

You are loved, you are valued, you are supported, you are precious.

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