Pain Relief Coaching:

Welcome to Pain Relief Coaching! There is NOTHING I love more than helping people reduce or eliminate their pain and increase the quality of their lives.

I have been a massage therapist and bodyworker since 1993. Even during my training I found myself drawn to therapeutic massage and clinical work.

Over the course of my years in practice I have treated most kinds of chronic and acute pain and people of all ages and conditions. During that time I found that I was helping  people with more than ‘just’ massage.

In order to hold the benefits of our ‘table time’ work, people needed guidance and support which included coaching in breathing, simple movements, adapted yoga poses, postural awareness and lifestyle habit changes.  I developed a service called Pain Relief Coaching which entailed giving people a whole body assessment and treatment plan.

In addition to  ‘table-time’ work I offer an extensive review of health histories and lifestyle. I  assess pain patterns and body holding patterns as well. With this information I will tailor a holistic and complete treatment plan which will include recommendations of providers in the area if needed. 

“Lisa is an extremely talented pain management therapist! For more than twenty years I have suffered from chronic pain due to scoliosis and a neck injury from a car accident. Before Lisa, I had seen over a dozen massage therapists, several physical therapists, and one other pain management specialist. All of these professionals gave me momentary relief, but long-term I continued to suffer. I had given up on living a life without substantial pain because I felt like I had tried everything. Meeting Lisa changed my perceptions. Lisa is incredibly patient and empowering. Lisa took the time to systematically evaluate the source of my pain and recommend comprehensive strategies to alleviate it. She has numerous pain management skills at her fingertips including massage, trigger point, cupping, craniosacral, aromatherapy, and herbalist therapies. Over time, we developed strategies to implement on my own – such that I could  alleviate my own pain when it occurred. She has certainly changed my life. My overall pain has substantially decreased – before I met Lisa, I had severe pain a majority of the time and now most days, I have no pain at all. Equally important, Lisa helped me to understand what I can do to manage and decrease my pain when it occurs. I strongly recommend Lisa’s services. Her patience, professionalism, and talent put her at the top of her field.” Elizabeth Umphress