Soul and Solutions Based Guidance from the Heavens:

Soul Based Astrology is the belief that astrology provides a blueprint and a map of your soul’s journey on Earth in this lifetime. It can include past life information, however, it is not necessary to believe in past lives to be informed of one’s potential and skillset in this life.

My approach: To listen to this guidance and to help my clients hear the music of the Celestial Spheres as well. How can the Heavens help you to navigate your life? What support and insight can be gleaned? The goal is to flow with what is and to find joy, harmony, or at least comfort, in the music.

My Teachers:

Stephanie AustinDavid Pond, Evolutionary Astrology NetworkKristin Fontana,

 Astrology Coach Sonya Francis, Sarah Vrba, John Sandbach, Molly McCord, Heather Ensworth

I offer Natal Charts and Transits.

Price: $100./hour; chart included.

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