Moonshadow Mare Qigong

Connecting with Nature means connecting to ourselves. We ARE Nature. Using breath, simple but profound movements, imagery, mudras (hand postures) and mantras (seed syllables) we attune our bodies to our natural rhythms and quiet our minds.

It is easy, gentle and profoundly healing.

What to expect:

A safe and nurturing space to learn and practice. I offer a fun and supportive environment for others to connect to their bodies and begin repairing their relationship to their bodies as they grow and heal in qi.

My Background:

I have been a student of Ling Qui International Healing Qigong School since 2010 and I am certified to teach Ling Gui (Spiritual Turtle) Medical Qigong. Having studied the I Ching since I was 13, I have been a lifelong scholar of Daoist philosophy. I am a perpetual student who loves to share the wonders of learning and connecting with Nature. See my healing philosophy on my Home Page.

My teachers:

Dr Liu Dong: “We do not need to practice qigong to connect with Nature. Qigong is one way to connect with Nature.”

Master Liu He: “We do not need forms to practice qigong. Forms help us to practice qigong.”

Please join me in connecting with Nature using breath and movement for increased health and vitality.

Feeling stressed? Needing support for a health issue?

Curious about qigong?

Offering Qigong in the Park

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