2024 New Moon in Gemini

Today’s New Moon brings in Gemini energy galore. We have the Sun and Moon in Gemini conjunct Venus with Mercury and Jupiter following behind in the beginning degrees of Gemini.

Gemini shines a light on our mind, our thought processes and our communications. Flexible, agile, mutable, bright, cheerful, facile, curious and questioning, Gemini is the child’s mind: open and interested and fascinated with all of the ways of thinking and all of the ways of expressing.

Conjunct Venus, Gemini seeks to express value and self love with communications that foster relationships, especially with women or our Inner Feminine. What are you called to express in new ways, with intention and clarity? Gemini exalts in multiple expressions and all have their gifts. Is your self talk valuing (Venus) who you are in all of your many colored splendors of being?

How can we be more conscious of our thoughts and the way we receive?

Mercury is exalted (stronger) in his home sign as he rules Gemini and his energy is further expanded by being conjunct Jupiter. Expect lots of ideas and an easy exchange of them. Allow for playful explorations; fun and quirky, without being attached to outcomes. Stay fluid and flexible as the Winds of Gemini blow hither and thither. There will be time, later in the month and year to solidify your intentions and aspirations. Mars goes into Taurus on June 9th and supports the practical, sustainable application of your New Moon meanderings.  Meanwhile, the Gemini duality enjoys double checking. Do-Overs are welcomed and supported. No judgement is needed.

The Sun, Moon and Venus square Saturn in Pisces which is a good thing with all of this Air. Saturn grounds the floating dandelion seeds of Gemini and asks her/him to keep it real. In Pisces, Saturn also wants the communications and ideas to connect to Spirit and one’s intuition. Use this celestial aid (Saturn in Pisces)  and the ‘Sacred Pause’ to ameliorate Gemini’s chameleon nature. Our relationships (Venus) will thank us, including our relationship to ourselves. Not everything we think or dream up should be spoken, acted upon or believed. Saturn in Pisces supports us to balance our need for self expression and the need for compassion, presence and empathy as we connect to ourselves and others.

Jupiter and Mercury in Gemini are both in a harmonious aspect to Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius. Pluto calls us to come from a deep place of empowerment and transformation. In Aquarius he has the best of humanity on his mind. Because Pluto is retrograde his energy is inward and going back over what he has just been moving through. This aspect signals to quick and easy Mercury and Jupiter to connect any expressions with the Highest Good for All and to transform any lower vibrations in communications to higher ones. Speak your Truth, and allow others to do the same. Gemini encourages all expressions and perspectives; delighting in them. 

Watch for feelings of restlessness, feeling scattered, anxious or overwhelmed and mind the mindless chatter, either inside our heads or outside of them. If you feel stuck, scattered or indecisive ground your energy in movement or breathing and come back to the present moment, in your body. Gemini can be quick to say yes; pausing to check in with our body and our energy will help us avoid getting swept away by  the whirlwind of Gemini optimism and giddy positivity. Saturn in Pisces asks us to mature our thoughts, apply discernment and connect ourselves to our intuition.  What does this moment call for? We don’t need to sacrifice our inner needs for an outer expression.

There are many signatures in this New Moon’s chart that support a pause to tether all of that Air to our Earth energy and to connect it to our intuitive and Spiritual knowing. These aspects give a peaceful gentleness to this New Moon which kindly counters the busy mental effusiveness of Gemini. Be as the cat who stays close to the ground and deeply in tune with all of her body’s sensing even as she is attuned to the cosmos and the mystical. One doesn’t cancel the other but each informs the other.

Gemini gives us an opportunity to experience a myriad of ways to perceive and express. Going beyond duality, Gemini knows that there are many truths and that we can hold many realities at once. How can we behold the sorrow and pain of the world and still allow ourselves to experience joy and inner peace? This is the paradox and the dilemma. In order to harmonize these opposing forces and to have the fortitude to heal we need to allow them both. One way I manage feeling deeply the suffering in the world juxtaposed to the abundance I enjoy is with a Metta prayer; may all beings enjoy peace, may all beings enjoy clean water, may all beings be safe, may all beings have the electricity they need. I go about my day sending out to the World the amenities I am lucky enough to experience. Instead of feeling guilty, I anchor my relative wealth in an active vision for others to experience it also. “It is not a wish, it is a practice.” Thich Nhat Hanh

New Moons seed new energy; what do you want to express, communicate, and share in a new and empowering way? This New Moon lends great support to valuing our unique communications and manifesting our inner ideas and imaginings into the outer world. The Throat Chakra (Gemini) and the Heart Chakra (Venus) are enhanced and encouraged to open and shine.

Be conscious in your words and agreements by checking in with your intuition and your heart/mind connection.  Many languages do not have a word for mind separate from heart. Korean expresses the concept of heart/mind with the word마음 (ma-em). Hawaiian uses naʻau and the Mandarin word    xīn (heart; mind; soul) is another example. This New Moon supports this sensing, awareness and connection.

The Dark of the Moon and the New Moon is a three day period that offers us a chance to release what is no longer needed and to set intentions for what we want to birth and manifest. Use this powerful time for divination, guidance and meditation.

This Gemini Moon (month) expect lots of plan changes as well as shifts in thought and details. Stay light and fluid. As best you can release expectations and outcomes; keep flexible and adaptable as Gemini shows us new horizons, new visions and new perspectives. Allow Gemini to refresh your thoughts, your mind, how you communicate and to widen the lens from which you perceive reality.

The Chinese word and character for to think and to believe is xiǎng It is composed of the character for [ xiāng ] (mutual, reciprocal; equal; each other) which shows an eye looking at a tree. The meaning is clear: what we perceive is us. The tree is me and I am the tree. That character combines with: [ xīn ] (heart; mind; soul).

This Gemini New Moon stellium (many planets and luminaries in the same sign) is an opportunity to open our minds and hearts to this understanding of perception and truth. What we perceive is equal to ourselves and when connected to our heart/mind/soul we come to believe and to embody and express that reality.

Years ago I had a dream that I entered a building in a small town from the side door. The room was filled with lionesses purring and I felt immense awe and some trepidation. But I was allowed to be among them as I was from their tribe/pride. I stayed, surrounded by this indescribable sound embrace for an indeterminate time. When I left it was dark night and as I walked down the street from the Lioness Building my Throat Chakra was so open and filled with light that it shone a yellow, gold, orange circle of light on the pavement before me as I walked. 

May you purr with The Lionesses.


Molly McCord

Heather Ensworth

Sarah Vrba

Master Liu He

Image credit: La Moon Art

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