2024 Full Moon in Libra Eclipse

Today’s Full Moon in Libra (3/25/24) is gently eclipsed by the Earth’s Shadow giving us a chance to review our relationships and balance our Self, our ‘I’ (Aries), with Other (Libra). This is the dance between Aries and Libra: how can I have autonomy and self determination AND be in harmony and balance with Others.

The opportunity of the energies expressed during this Full Moon is given imperative by Pluto in Aquarius being in trine (support) to the Libra Moon and sextile (harmony) to the Aries Sun. Pluto demands truth and deep soul resurrection. In Aquarius it calls us to rebirth in alignment with all of Humanity. But first, the Purge. We must burn under the light of what is actually there before we can move into a New Way/Rebirth. The Phoenix, as one of Pluto’s many manifestations, comes readily to mind. 

There continues to be VERY strong Pisces energy calling for kindness and compassion with Mars, Neptune, Venus and Saturn all in the sign of Universal Love. Ceres (the Earth Mother) in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus point to the Venus and Saturn conjunction in Pisces bringing ease and harmony and grounding through Uranus’ and Pluto’s big changes and transitions. The sextiles of Ceres and Uranus pointing at Venus and Saturn in Pisces while making a Grand Trine with planets in the other Earth signs creates a configuration called a Kite. This signifies a big Cosmic Wind of generation, concentration and distribution of Love, compassion and kindness (Pisces). This Wind of Change is grounded in reality and our bodies by the Grand Earth Trine which continues to stabilize us with Ceres (the Earth Mother) in Capricorn, Lilith (Feminine Autonomy) and Juno (committed relationships) in Virgo and both Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus. These are BIG energies with stelliums (three or more planets in a sign) in Pisces and Aries and the imperatives of Pluto and Uranus/Jupiter. The Pisces Kite holds the key: big compassion and tenderness through the Big movements of Aries (Fire) and Libra/Aquarius (Air).

Saturn conjunct Venus in Pisces creates a ‘pause’ energy.  It may not be time to act which is hard for Aries energy, especially since we have so much of it. The North Node, Chiron, Mercury and the Sun are all in the sign of the Ram. Don’t suppress your truth (Pluto), but take deep responsibility for it (Saturn) and for any communication of it (Mercury). Transform (Pluto) that frustration into deep care for your body and feelings (Earth/Water). Get very strong and sturdy (Saturn) in your intentions (Libra Moon trine Aquarius Pluto) and what you want to transform (Pluto) as you move to proceed anew (Aries). Make sure your actions (Aries) are in balance and harmony with others (Libra). Libra Moon shines a light on one-on-one interactions. How does it benefit or honor both sides of the scales? Pluto demands truth, Libra demands reconciliation. Pisces holds us in the All Is One paradigm of love and no blame.

Practically speaking, take this Full Moon time to pause, consider, heal, take good care, simplify and suspend any blame or ‘shoulds’.

Personally, I have felt a very ‘scurried’ energy lately. As if I don’t know where to go but I must move. Think of a panicked rabbit in a confined but unsafe area, rushing here and there to find relief. I reach for my breath and my inner Home. Friends (Libra) help to remind me that I am OK, the answers will come, there is no blame.  This is the Libra Moon shining a light on our worth and our harmony, reminding us to nourish ourselves in the Pisces waters of compassion and care for all (including ourselves). Pause, go Home inside yourself during this huge energy shift which will be unfolding over the next six months. Listen to your dreams, your intuitions, your synchronicities (Pisces). Practice Radical Trust with Radical Compassion. I feel so grateful for the support of others as I sometimes float and sometimes flounder in the Waters of Transition.

This process of deconstruction of Old Paradigms (Pluto in Capricorn and now Aquarius) begins with each of us individually. Peace begins within. This Deconstruction is still in process. Even as I begin to see glimmers of how to proceed in a new way, I can easily get pulled back into old patterns. I use the detached observance of the Air signs (Libra and Aquarius) at this time to watch without judgement and the Pisces Kite pointing at Venus/Saturn to remember to stabilize myself in self-love and compassion. This work we do is not easy. Supreme Kindness is a must.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or those around you are, pause. If you are too agitated to breathe, move in a way that is a loving expression of your angst: dance, run, play, scream into the void (away from people who might get freaked out) and if you are super tired and your brain feels like a cloud or a mushy watermelon: sleep, rest, let the energies wash over you and OUT of you, knowing you are safe and that this will pass.

We are all so brave, living through this transition of time, from a cultural spoiled toddlerhood to an aware teenager-hood; away from ‘me, mine, force and grabbing’ to ‘What about my friend? What about the Earth? How can I be OK if others are suffering?’

We are brave, we are powerful, we are loved.

“World peace must develop from inner peace. Peace is not just the mere absence of violence. Peace is, I think, the manifestation of human compassion.” His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama

Sources and Inspirations:

Molly McCord

Heather Ensworth

Sarah Vrba

Image Credit Wolf Boden/www.winterlings.com

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  1. Huge News Today: UNSC votes for Gaza Ceasefire. https://www.reuters.com/world/middle-east/un-security-council-demands-immediate-ceasefire-gaza-2024-03-25/
    Full Moon in Libra Eclipse, indeed.

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