2024 New Moon in Taurus

Yesterday’s New Moon (5/7/2024) in Taurus brings a welcome respite and sigh of relief. If you are anything like me these past few weeks have been full of clearing of old Karma, belief systems and major shifts within and without.

It has been an intense ride. NOT a magic carpet ride. 😉

I meant to post an additional message last week regarding Pluto going Retrograde in Aquarius (5/2/24) and Mercury in Aries conjunct the North Node (5/7/24) but I was too busy living and processing these big movements to do so. I admire greatly the astrologers who can post in advance while experiencing  the present energies. I am not there. That may never be my forte, and that, of course is OK. More on these movements below but FIRST:

Nourish yourself this Taurus New Moon and let this Moon Month be one that channels Ferdinand*: smell, taste, feel/touch, see, hear the Good Earth and all of the joy and beauty She provides. Take hot baths, smell the flowers, touch the trees, luxuriate in nourishing movement and presence. Let the Venus in Taurus, conjunct this New Moon, really root deep down in her soil/soul.

Other planets in Taurus include Uranus and Jupiter calling us to relish and bask in all things sensual, sensuous and rejuvenating. There will be plenty of time for the building and manifesting that these Tauren energies call for. Take a well deserved pause.

Venus in her home sign is very, very happy and rules this New Moon (ruler of Taurus). Venus calls us to value ourselves and all that is Earth. She is enjoying having so many companions in Taurus.

Mercury is conjunct Chiron in Aries for the third time, now direct. Mercury has had three conversations with our Wounded/Healing Healer on how to communicate, think and process in new and healed ways. How can we express our Healed Positive Masculine? Trust that these new ways are there, percolating and renewing you as you let your mind rest from so much Aries Fire. Mars will soon conjoin  the North Node to set these new ways of being and expressing into action and movement. 

Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius is trine Sedna, newly in Gemini (4/30/2024).  The Lord of UnderEarth is in harmony with the Lady of UnderWater, both in Air signs. This is a very big shift, luckily for us these two Celestials are both slow moving so we have plenty of time to process what is rising up from the depths to be faced, honored, loved, forgiven/transformed and released.

Being in Air signs this pair will experience new visions, communications and thoughts, and have access to many timelines and dimensions. Meditate on the image of sitting in a simple structure with great spacious, white walls and no roof on a clear, blue sky day at the beach. Experience clean, clear and pure openness of mind and thought. 

It is extremely important that we ground any insights, perceptions or mental experiences into reality and proceed in a sacred manner. Neptune in the last degrees of Pisces (Source) aids this as does Saturn (Earth) in Pisces; soon to conjunct Neptune and currently sextile Jupiter and Uranus.

All of these aspects and energies remind me strongly of the Hopi Elders’ Prophecy from June 2000. The Hopis give us Hope.

While I can’t bring myself to ‘celebrate’, that just seems too macabre, I can be and I am, grateful for healing. Even though it often means going through pain and a dis-regulated nervous system, I am grateful for the healing and for the support and guidance. I can celebrate the abundance and love and beauty that surrounds us so exultantly every day on Earth and especially during a Pacific NW  May. I can do things in a sacred manner and open my heart to appreciate all.

This abundance of Air and Fire is supported by all that Taurus to being rooted in Earth. We can work with the energies best by bringing this intense Fire and Air down to the ground and planting it. Bring your visions and new paradigms into reality, but keep it simple and hold to what is supported and sustainable; go SLOW and easy and cultivate deep roots.

Eastern and Western Astrology agree: the predominance of Fire and Air over the next several years requires us to more consciously ground ourselves. Go up and out for Divine Sourcing and bring it back down to Earth it. Make it real, stay rooted.

Cultivate the Earth and repair the damage. We can do it. We have all that we need to succeed. “We are our only hope”.

If you feel your energy rise and it’s connected to Earth and Water/Spirit, go forward with communications and endeavors in that newly emerging way. There is a huge stabilizing geometry in this new Moon chart composed of Earth and Water. Use these elements to bring calm and stability, to cleanse and renew and to sink into the nurturing warm Earth for sustenance and support. Experience the Love as you bloom and grow. Enjoy the Bouquet. When in doubt or feeling overwhelmed or tired hang out with Ferdinand.

*Children’s story of a bull who loved only to sit under the trees and smell the flowers. He wouldn’t fight in the bull ring, he just sat down and smelled all of the flowers that were thrown in the ring.

Sarah Vrba

Master Liu He

Heather Ensworth

Molly McCord

John Sandbach

Photo Credit: Le Yao

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