2024 Full Moon in Scorpio

Yesterday’s Full Moon in Scorpio (April, 23, 2023) is still shining a light on the need for a deep (Scorpio) Spiritual Cleansing. There are many signatures for endings and beginnings with this Full Moon which will be highlighted for the next two weeks.

While Scorpio asks us to dive into our Shadow and bring up the Deep Truth it is not for the purpose of re-traumatizing us, no matter how it feels sometimes. As scary as it is to look at where we feel disempowered and hurt, to acknowledge what we have repressed and disavowed in ourselves in order to survive, we know instinctively (Scorpio) that we have to face it and release it in order to create a new reality (Sun in Taurus).

This Moon is called the Pink Moon by the Eastern Tribes of the US to honor the huge blooms of mountain (pink) phlox that abound in Spring. Other North American Indigenous names for it are Fish Moon, Egg Moon and Sprouting Grass Moon; all images of  fresh newness and birth. There is a ton of Earth in this Moon’s chart, as well as a strong wave of Water. Ground yourself, purge, cleanse and know that birth (Spring), though painful and intense, brings New Life. Surround yourself with Pink Light and know that you are loved and supported through whatever imbalance is being uncovered in your life. What does your mind slide away from doing or thinking? For me it is usually around self care. What best parts of ourselves have we submerged that want to come to the surface to be valued (Taurus)?

Pluto in Aquarius is asking us to vision a new, deep, Soul expression. Pluto squaring the Moon in Scorpio says, purge the old so we can call in the new, there is no Rebirth without Death; no Fire, no Phoenix; no Mud, no Lotus. The Taurus Sun opposite Scorpio’s Moon and squaring Pluto calls on us to make sure that we ground our vision (Aquarius) in reality and steady our transformations (Scorpio) in self worth. Can there be safety in change? Sustainable transformation? What a thrilling and incredulous thought.

The recent Uranus and Jupiter conjunction in Taurus, exact a mere three days before this Full Moon, tells us that the shakeups (Uranus) will be supported (Jupiter) and have to do with valuing the Earth in ourselves as well as the Earth we live on and the Earth in each other. In a cool synchronicity, Earth Day was the day before this Full Moon, showing us that we are in tune with the Times and giving us a lovely validation of the work we, as a species, have done already to reclaim our relationship with the Earth.

Uranus’s intention is to assist with this realignment by shaking up what is stuck or no longer serves us as Benevolent Jupiter supports this new growth.   This pair will also serve to shake up (Uranus) old belief systems (Jupiter) and anything that is stagnate or outdated regarding our bodies, our self worth, our senses, the physical Earth and how we relate to and value (or don’t) all of the above. 

Neptune in Pisces is exalted (stronger) at 28 degrees and conjunct Mars (intention/body/will), both sextile (work in harmony with ) Ceres (Mother Earth) in Capricorn and Uranus/Jupiter in Taurus. A strong wave of Water flows in harmony to purge and change what needs to move in Earth.

These connections encourage and support us in cleansing and renewal. Fast, bathe, sweat, meditate, practice yoga, qigong, tai chi or any other moving meditation that will assist you to clear out all that does not serve you and to do so with deep, deep compassion and love.

The Full Scorpio Moon trines (harmonizes) Vesta in Cancer (Mother) and further accentuates the message to clear the sludge with ritual (Vesta) and nurturing, no lambasting is needed or helpful.

Ceres in Capricorn is in a wide square with the North and South Nodes (Aries/Libra) communicating to us further that as we do the work (Capricorn) of Deep Earth Renewal (Aries) we must call in the Mother (Cancer) and change our relationships (Libra) with warmth and gentle, soft attention.

Whenever we have a ‘T’ Square (one opposition with 2 squares) we want to look to the ‘empty leg’ of this configuration for what is missing to balance the energies. In this case, Cancer is the remedy.

In the same way, Leo is the empty leg of the ‘T’ Square made by Pluto in Aquarius squaring Scorpio Moon and Taurus Sun. Shine forth your courage, open heart, creativity and childlike wonder. Allow the Sunlight of your generous heart to warm you and others with joy, liberation and play. Lift your face to the Sun and air out what is musty and damping down your Spirit. Clear out space and energy for the new (Aries) manifestation (Taurus). Shine on, you crazy Diamond. This may feel counterintuitive and Pollyanna-esque if you are feeling the heavy intensity of this demanding ‘T’ Square. Keep it very simple. Notice the tiniest seed of happiness and allow it to grow into a flower. As Thich Nhat Hahn reminds us, we can’t always look at the suffering, we need to look at what’s beautiful to heal what is suffering. (paraphrased)

Meanwhile, what about Aries? It is a tough season for our Hero/ine of Action. We still have so much Fire in the Skies with Venus conjunct Chiron in Aries, Mercury Rx in Aries getting ready to change direction as he conjoins the North Node and ErisZena in Aries. But this Fire is connected to points of healing (Chiron), self worth (Venus/ErisZena), and a deep pause as Mercury Rx slows down next to the North Node (Soul’s Journey). We look to Mars, ruler of Aries for how to work with this energy. In Pisces, Mars is the Warrior Monk/Nun. The Fire and inspiration and renewal that Aries calls for needs to come from a deep, inner, Spiritual place. Think less of outward action and more of alignment with the inner adversary.  Face your demons and come from a place of deep inner attunement to the Divine.

Neptune’s placement emphasizes the theme of a transformative and very receptive energy at this time.

We may well need deep quiet, despite the energies of Aries and Spring, to get clear and to shield ourselves from the din and chatter of the World. Our sensitive spirits need stillness in order to feel safe to express our deep knowings. The Scorpio Moon will trine Neptune, and widely, Mars, in Pisces for support in this nourishing inner attention and Pluto continues his sextile (harmonization) to Neptune in Pisces. We can FEEL when we are in alignment. 

The Jupiter/Uranus in Taurus conjunction is rare and begins a new 14 year cycle of new earth energies. Let us take gentle care of this new baby.

Never doubt that we are, even now, in the midst of so much chaos and suffering, creating this New Earth Paradigm. People all over the world are re-wilding, reversing desertification, creating solutions, supporting reconciliation and calling for ALL to be cared for. Every week I hear things on the mainstream media that I would only have heard in The Fringes before. Newsweek, yes, NEWSWEEK printed an interview with Sadhguru on Earth Day!!!!   The times, they are a’changing.


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Molly McCord

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