2024 Full Moon in Sagittarius

Yesterday’s Full Moon in Sagittarius (5/24/24) ushers in a fresh, optimistic and expansive energy. After the slog of the last several months of Deep Cleaning that the Eclipse Season brought in to till the Earth and cleanse the Waters of our Psyche, we can now breathe a collective sigh of relief and enjoy the seeds of creativity brought in by the Fresh Winds of Gemini Air and warmed by the Fires of Expansion from the Sagittarius Moon.

Opposite the Gemini Sun, this Full Moon is called to balance it’s open and confident explorations with the detailed information gathering of Gemini.  Both signs are mutable, meaning they are comfortable with change, and both signs are cheerful and knowledge seeking. Gemini seeks facts and practical step by step use of the information gleaned while Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, is more enamored with the big picture and process, belief systems and higher mind.

For both signs their highest expression is optimism and light hearted connection. While Gemini enjoys facility with tech and  communications, Sagittarius’s aptitude is higher learning and deeper truths. 

The Sagittarius Full Moon opens wider the door to Gemini Season which began 5/22/24. The song, “You are the Wind Beneath My Wings” comes to mind. Sagittarius wants to go ever higher and broader. When this energy is balanced with the open exchange of ideas and differing perspectives of Gemini, it can feel like the Wind beneath the Wings of Higher Mind and even reach Beyond Mind.

Though there is a lot this Full Moon asks of us and supports us through, it is still with a lighter, fresher and newer energy. The message of this Moon speaks of allowing joy even while there is suffering in World. Thich Nhat Hanh reminds us that it is not enough to touch the suffering. We need to touch the joy and beauty as well or we will not have the resources to face and heal the suffering.

Questions we can ask ourselves:

How are we communicating? (Gemini) Do we have the good of community in mind? Are we coming from a place of Spirit and well being for all? Or coming from a place of spite and arrogance? Are we using tech or is it using us? Tech is a tool, remember. We use tools for a purpose. Sagittarius is very aware of it’s sense of purpose and meaning.

As in the image I chose for this post this Sagittarius Moon is grounded and firm and strong; she has no illusions. She sets her sights on Freedom and Truth and her aim is true, clean and clear.

We have spent months shedding and releasing and transforming the Shadow and setting free the parts of ourselves we have denied for so long. No more. Now we plant ourselves in the truth of our knowing (Sag/Gemini) and, clear eyed, send our intention, our focus and our antenna with vigor and enthusiasm into the Heavens. We shoot that arrow of intention with unwavering conviction and empowerment, with commitment, optimism, benevolence and “Go for it!” energy. 

How will we keep from flying too close to the Sun? We are supported, grounded and connected to reality by Venus, and Jupiter at 29° Taurus conjunct the Sun at 2° Gemini. Uranus and Mercury are also in Taurus supporting a grounded mental state and calling on us to “Speak your truth quietly and clearly…” (The Desiderata).

There are a lot of signatures in this chart for bringing reality, Earth and grounding to our thoughts, beliefs, technologies, and to our mental, thinking world. This includes a Grand Trine in Earth harmonizing Mercury in Taurus, Juno/Lilith (Committed Relationships/Autonomous Feminine) in Virgo and Ceres (Earth Mother) in Capricorn.

Use focusing and breathing techniques to quiet the mind. Care for your body and your energy systems.

Jupiter/Venus and Neptune all at 29° (Taurus and Pisces, respectively) bring peaceful endings and soft kindness. We have had so much Spiritual growth.  See your growth. Validate your growth. Exhale. Whew.

Neptune and Saturn in Pisces are closing in on a conjunction bringing Big Love grounded in reality.

Athena (Justice) in the last degrees of Scorpio makes a wide conjunction to the Sagittarius Moon: don’t even try to veer from the Truth. Athena will hold this Sagittarius Moon to a deep well of Karmic substance (Scorpio).

With Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius in trine to the Gemini Sun and sextile the Sagittarius Moon there is still the call to attend to a deep undercurrent of cleansing and reevaluation of the Soul going on. So use connections, communications and tech wisely, with integrity and with everyone’s highest good in your Mind, Heart and Soul.

Aquarius, Gemini and Sagittarius all agree; they like to try new things and change is fun. If that makes you groan (as it does me) here is a quote that has helped me over the years: “The irony is, unless you go in, you can’t find out.”

Tethered to the Earth we can experiment (Gemini) and discover (Sagittarius) with a light heart like a butterfly kissing flowers.

This Sun in Gemini will soon be followed by Jupiter in Gemini and they bring an abundance of communications and technology at a fast pace. Watch for charlatans and blarney as well as superficiality and manipulation by tech or communications, whether from self or others. These are the lower vibrations of Sagittarius and Gemini. 

Mars is still in Spiritual Warrior mode and the time has not come for outward action unless grounded in Deep Ecology and connected to Spirit. Our desires and actions (Mars) are still undergoing a profound exfoliation of the Spirit/Soul. This is indicated by Mars being sandwiched between and conjunct the North Node (Soul’s Path) and Chiron (The Healer) in Aries. Mars continues his intense healing journey held to account by challenging aspects to the Ladies:  Vesta (Keeper of the Hearth), Lilith, Juno and Athena.  I am reminded of a stallion in the wild who is sent out of herd by the mares until he can calm down and be sweet so as not to hurt the virgin mare in estrus.  The Virgin Mare being a metaphor for our new, fresh way of being and of creation.

There is so much support in this Full Moon chart. The geometry looks like a beautiful glittering Diamond tethered to the Earth. Take heart. Feel yourself as a Flower of the Earth as you lift your face to the Sun. Allow the bees and butterflies to distribute the Pollen of your magnificent, creative self. You are needed, valued, essential.

For support to open your Heart, to breathe and to calm your energy systems I offer this Great Compassion Meditation with Mudras and Mantra by Master Liu He.


Molly McCord

Master Liu He

Sarah Vrba

Heather Ensworth

John Sandbach

Desiderata/Max Ehrmann

Thich Nhat Hahn

Image Credit: Lindsay Archer

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