2024 New Moon in Capricorn Offering

On the first New Moon of 2024 we have a powerful opportunity to set intentions for the New Year. Capricorn energies are strongly highlighted which give us a grounded, solid mountain of support to manifest our objectives with mature wisdom, experience and realistic vision.

This, my first New Moon Offering, is part of my deeply rooted intention to write more and to put it out there, into the Ether, no matter what. I am just doing it, as they say. 😅😉 Western Astrology is one of my passions. Try to remember when reading any astrology that the language is expressing the energies of the time. Time and Timing is the stage and all the Cosmos, including you and I, are the players; to paraphrase Shakespeare. When we understand the energies of the time we can move more gracefully with them and, hopefully, make better choices. 🍀

This Capricorn Moon is  greatly supported by Neptune in Pisces helping us to steep our goals/visions/wishes in compassion and connection to the Divine. Pluto in the last degrees of Capricorn calls us to clear away the old Karma, release with Love the last of the Old Paradigm, whatever that means to you, as you open to the New. Whatever you are done with, own it, bless it and release it.

We hear a lot about the The Age of Aquarius but what does it mean? Will it save us from all that is dark, broken and decaying in Humanity?  As we envision and co-create a world of our highest potential; of a united, caring Humanity, we must remember Aquarius’ Shadow. Aquarius’ Dark Side is a cold and cerebral, indifferent abstraction as opposed to the warmth, generosity and open-hearted joy of its opposite, Leo. As we co-create a new Human Expression let us bring in Leo to balance the Age of Aquarius, ensuring that we don’t get lost in cerebral ideas and flashy, new potential but instead come from a place of warmth, heart and personal creative expression in our Unity.

The Age of Pisces gave us the Christ Consciousness as well as the Martyr. Overdoing and over-giving leads us to exhaustion and a need to numb the pain with addiction and bingeing.

Let’s take the Oneness of Pisces and the day to day grounded service of its opposite, Virgo, into the New as we release the trauma/pain of the Old. Each cycle has a gift and a lesson; a higher and a lower expression. Only by being awake and aware of the Shadow can we lighten/enlighten it and ameliorate any imbalance.

One thing I envision for the New Age is the release of the idea of absolutes. The Taiji (Yin/Yang) symbol is a perfect embodiment of this way of being.  ☯️ There is light in the dark and dark in the light, one cannot exist without the other. Honoring both brings us into balance and wholeness. Many people have said this and lived this; Thich Naht Hahn comes to mind.

HOW can we do this? Be this? In our busy, stressed and overwhelmed lives?

Long ago in a 12 Step meeting there was a banner that read: H: Honest  O: Open W: Willing. I think that is a good place to start. I wish you all well in your New Year and as we strive to hold on to the Light in the midst of so much Dark remember: “How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world.” William Shakespeare

Let us shine our Light  (Leo) as we reach for each other in all of our innovative, quirky idealism (Aquarius). Together we can do this. We are our only hope.

My sources and inspirations for this offering:

Sarah Vrba, Heather Ensworth, Molly McCord

Image Credit: Glorian.org



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