2024 New Moon in Pisces

Strong Pisces energy continues with this New Moon in Pisces on March 10th, 2024. The placement of the Moon, Sun, Neptune and Saturn all in Pisces call on us to connect deeply to our Divine Self. There is Big Dreaming energy. We may need more time in solitude, quiet, Nature and contemplation. At the same time, Mercury (mind/thinking/writing/communication)  just moved into Aries the day before this New Moon and makes a powerful sextile (angle of ease) to Pluto in Aquarius. Your mind may be racing ahead with all of the highest of ideals and ideas and a surge of forward momentum. Think ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’. For Millennials and younger: Google It! 🙂

Make sure that your flying machine is tethered to Deep Compassion and informed by Spirit and by the Dreamtime. Your intuition will be heightened: Trust it! If you feel a powerful sense of stop and go, trust the stop and pause, wait (not a great strength of Aries) for Divine Timing. You will know it when you FEEL it. This is a good New Moon to write but not send. Create but don’t show, not just yet, at least. Watch for impatience in communications (Mercury in Aries). Practice the Sacred Pause (Pisces). Pisces is the stronger energy; bow to Her knowing. The messages, intuitions and creative understandings you receive at this time will be true; let them guide you.

I picked this image to go with this posting as it has always felt like a perfect expression of Pisces at the turning point of Aries. The Sea Goddess passes her Deep Knowing/Love and Connection on to Aries to bring forth into the World. This is a wonderful illustration of this New Moon in Pisces with Mercury in Aries at O degrees in sextile to Pluto in Aquarius.  The Pluto sextile encourages Mercury in Aries to connect communications and thoughts to the deep truth of our highest nature.

There is sadness in this illustration as well as deep, deep tenderness and love.

Yes, there is grief in letting go, even when we want a thing to end. There is sadness when differing realms or parts of ourselves have only limited access to each other. Allow the grief and sadness, but don’t cling to it. Aries can only surge forward if he let’s go and claims his realm of Fire, not Sea.

Saturn is in Pisces at  11 degrees and has not been at this point on the Astrological Wheel in 30 years and won’t be again for another 30.  What cycle are you done with? Personally, with many planets in Virgo in the 12th House (ruled by Pisces and Neptune) it is not lost on me that I started my career in massage therapy 30 years ago. Deep issues of valuing, being valued, victim consciousness and self negation have been falling away.

I have help. I am not alone. I have agency. I can ask for what I need. I can take care of myself with loving kindness. Others around me, while not perfect, listen and care.

Take an honest assessment. If you feel the above statements are really not true, than you know that something needs to end: a relationship or a living or working situation or an internal message. That can bring sadness before new life begins (Aries). Allowing ourselves the space to grieve waters the Earth for new Life.

Where you feel this cycle/habit/old Karma (Saturn) surfacing to release, which is Pisces’ great gift, will depend on where 11 degrees of Pisces falls in your birth chart. Even without knowing this, listen to your inner voice and your dreams, you will easily be able to become aware of where you feel the Victim or the Martyr (the Shadow side of Pisces). Lifetimes of Old Karma (Pluto/Neptune) are ready to be dissolved in the Piscean Waters of this New Moon. What do you tell yourself about yourself or your situation? To what do you say, ‘Oh, that’s the story of my life!’ or ‘This is the way it always is.’ or ‘This always happens to me’. Mercury in Aries and Pluto in Aquarius call you to Write a New Story! Let that old message, whenever it arises be a ‘bell of mindfulness’ to remind you to reframe the message to one of empowerment (Aries) and Higher Consciousness (Aquarius). As someone with multiple planets in the 12th House (ruled by Pisces and Neptune) I know the Victim Cycle well. I also know that I have been healing this old Karmic Cycle for the last 30 years. I can look back and see my progress even as I still work to release it completely. What have you been working to release and heal over the last 30 years? Let go of judgement as to how much or how well. This New Moon gives you a potent portal to access that deep release and healing with love and compassion.

The Grand Trine in Earth formed by Jupiter (Abundance) in Taurus, Juno (Relationships) in Virgo and Ceres (Earth Mother) in Capricorn continues to support us to Ground all of this Air and Water into Reality. Mind your body’s needs. Tune into the Earth’s support and deep holding of all she manifests. We are held in our Mother’s Embrace everyday and especially on this New Moon of Dreaming and Letting Go. Be at peace knowing that the Sea Goddess and the Adventurer are in collusion for your Greatest Good.

This extremely potent New Moon sets us up for a New Start when the Sun enters Aries on March 19th. The Aries Sun will then continue to sextile Pluto in Aquarius and will Trine the Moon in Leo (courage and Heart). On April 25th the Lunar Eclipse in Libra trines Pluto in Aquarius which STILL sextiles the Sun and opens us up for Powerful Change in relationship to self, others and the Earth). Nurture yourself through all of the movement. Keep breathing.

A meditation for you:

Connect with the New Moon and Sun: sit quietly in a comfortable position with palms open on your lap or legs. Breathe gently as you feel the energy of the Moon flow into your right hand and the Sun flow into your left. Visualize a Violet Flame 9 Feet above your head. Some call this your 22nd Chakra, others your Unicorn Chakra. Allow the light from this flame to surround you with Grace and Protections. Rub your hands together, lift them up to the Sky as the antennas they are and imagine the Moon and Sun energy flowing into your hands. Bring this energy into your body via the top of your head. Sense it flowing all through your body as you continue to breathe gently. Relax your hands and smile.

You can do this meditation anytime, even as the Sun and Moon move on in their cycles.

My sources and inspirations:

Thich Nhat Hanh

Master Liu He

Molly McCord

Heather Ensworth

Sara Vrba

Image credit: Howard Pyle 1910

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