2024 New Moon in Cancer

This Cancer New Moon (7/5/2024) asks of us to Dream Deeply and to receive and allow our Sacred Feminine and the Great Mother to hold us in her embrace. The image comes to me of moonlight on the sea as the Crab, deep down, sits on the ocean floor, so very still and quiet, filtering seawater.

The New Moon conjunct Venus in Cancer brings us soft, soft creamy moonlight, very intuitive and full of messages from The Beyond. Give yourself space for listening and quiet. What will bubble up from the Deep?

The geometry of this day’s chart is a Mandala of Flow and Grounding. I have never seen such an integrated and balanced chart.The New Moon (Sun/Moon) and Venus (Self Love/Value) in Cancer connect seamlessly to Mars (Initiations) and Uranus (Awakenings) in Taurus which connect seamlessly to Neptune (Universal Love) and Saturn (Time/Structure) in Pisces, connecting seamlessly to Ceres (Earth Mother) in Capricorn, connecting (you guessed it) seamlessly to Athena (Higher Mind/Justice) in Scorpio connecting effortlessly (thought you might be tired of ‘seamlessly’) to Juno (Committed Relationships) in Virgo and and she brings us back in rooted relation to Venus, Sun and Moon in Cancer. Soooo much floooooow.This configuration includes many oppositions and some squares as well, radiating out from the Center creating tensegrity and a wholeness of structure.No part of us is left out or excluded in the Deep Sea Stillness of this New Moon.

But is it OK to be still in our culture? So much not that Tricia Hersey has written a book and started a social movement called, “Rest Is Resistance”.Do we allow ourselves to rest? Be still? What fears or stories do we tell ourselves when we are quiet and ‘doing nothing’?

For the part of Fire and Air, We have Jupiter (Benevolence/Expansion) highlighted in Gemini embraced on one side by Mercury (Mind) and Vesta (Keeper of the Hearth) in Leo and on the other by the North Node (Soul’s Journey) in Aries. Jupiter as well creates a Grand Air Trine with Pluto (Soul/Empowerment) in Aquarius and Black Moon Lilith in Libra. The Mandala is complete lacking only a Sagittarius representation…hmmm. What could that mean? Whenever we have an ‘empty leg’ in the geometry of a star chart we want to look to that energy for the way forward and through. We all have Sagittarius in our charts, however expressed. The following shows how we can use the energy of Sagittarius to move through this time:

With so much Water and Cancer highlighted in this chart the Demons/Daemons of fear, uncertainty and worry may come calling. Astrologer/Mystic Sarah Vrba calls this the ‘Haunted House’. Use the Fire of Sagittarius to shine a light on the Truth. Allow the Benevolent Sage to examine your beliefs and old messages for validity and attunement to who you are now.

What fears (Water) hold us back? What patterns, thoughts and beliefs (Sagittarius and Jupiter) keep us locked out of Mother Love? Jupiter in Gemini reminds us to bring Truth to our Mental Body. What thoughts bring wholeness and what thoughts bring separation?

You may find yourself extremely sensitive around this New Moon and in the coming month. Wrap yourself in the finest thistledown, eiderdown, silkiest, softest blanket of love and starlight. Feel your way through as you honor your Emotional Body.

The strong themes of endings and beginnings continues, as the Healed Mars and Venus (the Sacred Masculine/Feminine) continue their journey around the Wheel.  Both renewed in the Fires of Aries, Mars stays rooted in Taurus Earth, as Venus has opened to connections, and new information and now rests in the Home Waters of nurturance. New beginnings are like new babes and require care for the small and the emerging. As we re-Mother ourselves may we also be tender and caring of the parts of ourselves just emerging.

Neptune and Saturn, both newly retrograde ask, “Are you listening to the Deep Sea Creature of Weirdness that whispers the revelations of your Soul?”  Way down under, what grotesque sea creature nuzzles your intuitive Soul?  That one you’ve never told anyone about, because they could never see how adorable and lovable it is as you do. The one who is your best friend, though you’d never admit it.

It is only in the calm quiet that we can sense the profound and unexpected answers to questions we may not know to ask. By bringing back the Wisdom of the Deep to nurture ourselves and each other we seed our community with the insights that rest and quiet bring.

Key words to keep in mind for this month as you set your New Moon intentions and reset your relationship to Mother Moon: allow, float, trust, nurture, receive.

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” ~ Rumi

“Don’t just do something, sit there.”

“Doing nothing is something.”     ~  both by Thích Nhất Hạnh

Sources and Inspirations:

Sarah Vrba

Heather Ensworth

Molly McCord

John Sandbach

Photo Credit: The Marine Diaries/Bridget Hott

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