2024 Full Moon in Virgo

This Full Moon in earthy, practical Virgo faces (opposes) a multitude of planets in Pisces. On 2/24/24 Mercury, the Sun and Saturn in Pisces call us strongly to the Dreamtime. We may feel especially tired or spacey; we may feel strong pulls of intuition and calls to be creative. Luckily the Virgo Moon is assisted by a Grand Trine in Earth with Jupiter in Taurus and Ceres in Capricorn. This gives us so much support to turn our Dreaming/Intuiting into something real and tangible. The Virgo Moon asks us: what is practical, manageable and discerning on a day-to-day basis?

Chiron in Aries conjunct the North Node signifies the Healer in us starting out a fresh soul chapter in our individuality and healed masculine selves.

Mars and Venus conjunct in Aquarius with Pluto near by give us the power to vision and instigate a new, revolutionary (Aquarius) relationship between masculine and feminine energies, at a soul (Pluto) level. This means deep, dark stuff coming up to heal so we can move forward in a new, egalitarian way. The strong Piscean influence urges us to have a soft, gentle and deeply Divine approach and connection. Embrace the love, especially the self-love of Pisces.

The Virgo Moon, with that Earth Grand Trine, gives us the necessary grounding to bring it home and to make it work in the real World, day by day.

All of that Aquarian (Air) and Piscean (Water) energy will want plenty of time to dream, vision, and open to infinite possibilities. Be sure to give your body (your personal Home/Earth) time and space to ground, heal, and attend to day to day nurturing needs.

If you feel overwhelmed in the next week, which is likely, with so much Air and Water in this Full Moon, use the Moon, Juno (our relationship energy) and Lilith (our deep feminine autonomy) all in Virgo to discern and simplify. And then simplify some more.

The major shifts that I mention above in relations between all masculine and feminine energies and our relationship to self and others are supported by the Earth Grand Trine.

The Goddesses in Earth signs (the astroids Ceres, Lilith, Juno) are available to help us stabilize the Air and Water of mind and emotion. Clear and cleanse your body and slow down to manage the intensity of change and disruption and the overwhelm of infinite possibilities.

Virgo is day to day ritual and practice. Let go of all perfection and judgement. This Full Moon of initiation will pass and, if we nurture ourselves through its intensity, we will have the resources (all that Earth, especially Jupiter in Taurus) to manifest its promise/potential. We most likely won’t have answers now; Pisces calls us to deeply trust that we have the resources to manifest our dreams and visions as clarity arises.

I leave you with two quotes that bring inspiration and assurance:

“…we have the ability to end our Karmic cycles because we can see them (Neptune in Pisces), we see how they turn into vibrational patterns in life (Pluto in Aquarius) and we have the authority and commandment of Saturn (in Pisces)… to end that pattern.” ~SiriusJoy.

“We are worthy of creating our Soul’s Desire.” ~ Molly McCord

Other resources for this posting: Heather Ensworth, John Sandbach and Sara Vrba

Photo Credit: Von-Gaia-Einmal

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