2024 New Moon in Aquarius

In all of the energetic systems that I study the message is clear that it’s going to be a very dynamic and intense year. Year of the Dragon in Eastern Astrology and Pluto moving into Aquarius in Western Astrology are indicators of this. Uranus in Taurus square this New Moon means lots of disruptions, exposures and shakeups will occur, both personally and collectively. In Taurus this will occur in the physical realm; our body, home, Earth. The purpose of the breakdowns is to then rebuild anew, in balance and harmony (Aquarius). Disruption (Uranus) reminds me of The Tower card in the Tarot. After the Tower Card comes The Star, bringing the vision, the reimagining, and the Healing Waters. Sounds like a New Moon in Aquarius to me! Like The Star, Aquarius is the Water Bearer, connecting to the wisdom of the Universe (The Star) which, reflected in the Waters of Life, are gathered up and used to replenish the Earth and all She holds. So does Aquarius bring in the higher knowledge of the Cosmos and disseminate it to Humanity.

Use this New Moon to refresh yourself, replenish, and then envision the world you want to see. Make sure this vision is grounded in reality (Uranus in Taurus) and accounts for all ways of being and all relationships (Aquarius). Bring in Earth to balance the huge amount of Air in this chart. Beware of Hot Air (arrogance, hubris and aggression) unless it is to power your Rainbow Hot Air Balloon, which has many sandbags (Earth) to keep you tethered to reality.

Stay in your body, and when you feel yourself getting caught in a whirlwind, ground yourself with movement and breath: yoga, qigong, tai chi, walking meditation and being present in Nature are just a few suggestions.

This New Moon brings to mind the song Radioactive by Imagine Dragons…”Welcome to the New Age…” After the Apocalypse comes the New Age.

Speaking of dragons, this New Moon is also the beginning of The Year of the Green Dragon in Chinese Astrology. Green signifies the ‘element’ of Wood, which seeks to expand and grow; think trees, plants and “Life finds a way.” 

Water nourishes this Wood. So the Black (Water) Rabbit of 2023 can nourish the Green Dragon of 2024. The Rabbit is family oriented and gentle; last year was aided by our connections to companions and family. Let’s bring those connections into the Dragon Year to help us weather the changes and to keep us humble.

Here are some insights relevant to this New Moon to ponder from two astrologers I follow:

Expect “Flashes of insight, connecting to the unseen, nourishing our inner light for answers to outer effects. …being seen in the world, connected to our purpose and support during dark times.” ~ Heather Ensworth

“There is here a yearning to be more real, to become visible, to connect with our spiritual purpose. We can do this, and when we do it, we find we are in harmony with the world around us, and also find ourselves with companions with whom we may share mutual support. Coming more and more into the physical plane and connecting to our core, we feel more and more wholly rooted and complete in the physical world.” ~ John Sandbach

Another resource: Molly McCord

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