2024 New Moon in Aries Eclipse

Are you ready for the Big Kablooie?  Did you think it already happened? Well, hold on to your knickers because the Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 8th will be working with us for the next month, the next 6 months and even for the next year. That is good news if you are feeling overwhelmed or have had major shifts and changes happening. That means we can take a big exhale and relax as this huge portal of energy works through us and with us over time.

This event is so major due to the stellium (3 or more planets/luminaries) in Aries. Accompanying the Sun and Moon will be Chiron (The Wounded Healer) EXACTLY conjunct, to the degree and minute. Also in conjunction are the North Node (the Soul’s Path at this time), Eris (the Thirteenth Fairy) and Mercury (thoughts/communication/mind). All of this and so much more will be moving towards and through us setting us up for big change and lighting the way for deep transformation. Now is a Big Kablooie time of endings and beginnings.

While the focal point is on the Aries Stellium this is stabilized by a sextile to Jupiter and Uranus (in conjunction) in Taurus on one side and a sextile to Saturn and Mars (in conjunction) in Pisces on the other. Think of all of that Aries/Fire energy and potential tethered and grounded to Jupiter/Uranus in Earth and Saturn/Mars in Pisces (The Divine). Like a hot air balloon that wants to just RISE! But wait, says Uranus/Jupiter, we have some disruption and big Earth messages to give you. And wait, says Mars/Saturn in Pisces, we need you to pause with Big Love and compassion and be fully grounded (Saturn) in your intuition and your connection to the Divine (Pisces).

Ceres (The Earth Mother) in Capricorn trine to Jupiter/Uranus in Taurus and sextile Saturn/Mars/Neptune in Pisces ands emphasis to this imperative.

Saturn, Mars and Neptune in Pisces as well as Mercury Retrograde indicate that it’s not a great time to move forward with those amazing plans and ideas and inspirations, not just yet. It may feel like a ‘GO!’ time (Aries), but unless that movement (Aries) is grounded and stable as well as coming from clear connection to Spirit you may not enjoy lasting results, or the results that you desire (Aries).

Interestingly, Daoist advice and Indigenous advice caution against activity during solar eclipses. The Diné (Navajo) spend solar eclipses inside, not looking at the Sun. They do this out of a deep respect for the big energies in circulation and development. They use the time for meditation and prayer and to make new commitments. That sounds like really good advice, for this Solar Eclipse especially.

This big initiation gives us an opportunity to stop, be still, be in wonder and to rest and go quiet, just as the birds, insects and animals do.

Aries is the sign of New Beginnings, the spark that initiates movement and growth. Have you ever noticed the pause when you strike a match or put one to flame? There is a moment before the ignition. That pause would serve us well now.

Expect ground-shaking changes personally and collectively with Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in Taurus. Give yourself the time and self-care needed to process and integrate what comes up. For sure what arises will be whatever is necessary for the next peel of the onion. Chiron’s exact conjunction to the Sun and Moon near the North Node (Soul Path) opens a potent portal of healing. Chiron heals with compassion and by alchemy; distilling medicine from the pain of the wound, as one would create an antidote from a snake or spider bite from the venom. Be willing to go into the Shadow for the gift, but don’t go alone, make sure you have the support you need to sustain and guide you. These should be human helpers as well as Spirit Guides.

Mars in Pisces as the ruler of Aries is the ruler of this Eclipse: make your vessel out of  deep compassion and connection to Spirit as you ride the waves of these challenging times. Flush out the old as you activate a new self. Wash away your concepts of who you are (Aries) in order to move forward fresh, clean and open to new and infinite possibilities.

Imagine a waterfall of Qi/Energy/Water flowing over and through you, clearing out the murkiness and blockages and filling you with bright, fresh, sparkly energy.

Last week my toilet backed up and I had to plunge and snake it and flush and flush and flush while I rolled my eyes and said, “Do They have to be so bleeping literal?”  The ‘They’ being Spirit. The next day I woke to cat poo all over the mudroom. My cat is old and she had a bit of trouble the night before. I guess I wasn’t done with the flushing. More murky Qi/energy to cleanse! They think They are SO funny. (rolls eyes)

Mercury Rx in communication with the Sun/Moon/Chiron/Eris and the North Node and then passing back over the Eclipse point when direct indicates that these energies will be sending us information throughout Mercury’s retrograde, until the end of April.

Pluto sextile Neptune and squaring the Sun/Moon/Chiron/NN/Eris stellium and trine Black Moon Lilith (the Autonomous Feminine) strongly points to old issues (Pluto) especially concerning the suppressed parts of ourselves (Black Moon Lilith) coming up to be acknowledged (Aries) and loved (Pisces). We are being called to move further up the spiral of uncovering our Authentic Self (Aries). This healing (Chiron) brings a New Beginning with renewed energy. 

Venus in Aries is in conversation with most of her sisters: she is squared to Vesta (Keeper of the Hearth) in Cancer, she is inconjunct to Juno (committed relationships) in Virgo, opposite Black Moon Lilith in Libra and trine Athena (justice and sagacity). Venus (Feminine Principle/Self Worth) in Aries must cool her jets as she integrates hearth and home, integrity in relations, rejected parts of her deep knowing, and harmonize that with justice and sagacity (Athena). Whew! That’s all…no biggie.

Venus Sextile Pluto with Pluto trine Black Moon Lilith calls us to balance and heal the Old Karmic Patterns around Masculine/Feminine parts of ourselves and society. We want to clear out the old and go forward (Aries) in a new Vision (Pluto in Aquarius) of empowerment and collaboration (Pluto in Aquarius).

This is a LOT. Be sure to give yourself all the time and care you need. Tune into your body, calm your nervous system and dial into your intuitive, spiritual self for guidance and deep acceptance and trust. Release all that no longer fits, like that snake shedding her skin. Mercury Rx helps us to slow down and receive.

Watch for impulsivity and impatience, especially in communications (Mercury Rx).

Your breath is your greatest friend and will take you Home to your Body (Aries) for the deepest wisdom. The time for forward movement will come and you will be able to burst forth with a lighter heart and a deeper connection to your Authentic Self.

I am not a big fan of going into my Resistance and doing my Shadow Work for healing. However, recently I had a dream that I was protecting VERY carefully a Poisonous Spider’s web in which she had an egg sac.  I had to make sure she didn’t bite me and move the web with her brood to a safe place where she could find it. I succeeded in this and then got a spider tattoo on my right wrist and kept scaring myself thinking I had one on me. I thought in the dream, “I didn’t really think this through”.  😂

As we go deep into the Shadowlands to retrieve lost parts of ourselves we will need more time alone, more stillness, quite, and soothing.  Release as much as possible, travel light like the Fool (Tarot #0). This eclipse initiates a Deep Healing and will be working with us until the next Aries Solar Eclipse in March 2025.  Attuning ourselves to higher frequencies will be essential as we make the journey. As I said, I am not one to eagerly move into the Dark, but I am VERY curious to find out what the Poisonous Spider has to show me and what will happen when her babies burst forth. What medicine will her venom bring me? Meanwhile, I will NOT be getting a spider tattoo to scare myself with! There is Spiritual Gold in this quest, of that I am sure. Be kind to yourself and bring Joy along (doggie at the heels of the Fool) as we tramp the cliffs of Undiscovered Country.

“This month it is vital to keep our spiritual seatbelts fastened — to stay as centered in our heart as we can, lean into our spiritual practice, and trust our inner guidance. What we have assumed to be true or possible is shifting daily. Huge transformative waves are activating core issues, impelling us to clear old wounds, trauma, and misbeliefs.” Stephanie Austin


Wally Brown, Diné Elder

Dr Liu Dong of Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School

Master Liu He of Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School

Molly McCord

Stephanie Austin

Sarah Vrba

Photo Credit: Rider-Waite Tarot 


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