Blackbirds Weave A Pond

Photo credit: Becky Matsubara

Sometime ago I road my bike to a local pond. I was the only human there and sat enjoying the ducks and blackbirds meander about the cattails and reeds.

I breathed myself into a meditative and relaxed place. In this numinal space I experienced the Blackbirds as weaving a dance and song that was the Pond.  Blackbird Magic. It was very strong and profoundly real, right and heart-opening. 

Some blackbirds stayed on the periphery and some flew into the middle and sat on a reed or two. The birds would fly back and forth from the edge to the center. Their unorchestrated melody and dance weaving the Pond into being. It was a literal experience. The Blackbirds were literally weaving the Pond and creating the space of it, the energy and form of it.

It is always a painful thing to come back to ‘ordinary’ reality after an experience like this. I feel the pain I associate with the Fae and why they had to leave the Mortal World. It is just too painful to be in the mundane when one knows that magic is real and that it is all that makes life worth living.

A snowdrop outing felt the same as the logging trucks and cars went by and we in our car coming back from a forest grove. A secret special place shown to me by friends was an old homestead where the woman had planted snowdrops under her huge maple trees and now it was a vast meadow of snowdrops and violets. Such magic and beauty. I felt a deep, grey depression of weariness and inadequacy driving back to the concrete and iron of ‘Civilized’ Humanity.

The two worlds are not mutually exclusive and I know many of us are working very hard to bring them together and to heal the schism/the gap/the disconnect. There is a way to be Human and live in a modern world with hearts open to the magic and wonder of the natural world. 

One way we can do this is to honor the reality of these numinal moments. When we say this is real and this happened and it literally is true, we help mend the disconnect that tells us we are separate from Nature.

The blackbirds weave their natural magic. How can I weave mine?

I can weave my human magic. Human Magic Weaving.

What does that look like?

Dancing in the moonlight, communing with nature, qigong, yoga, writing.

Singing. Expressing my Leo Sun and my Pisces depth and my Virgo Earth.

How do you Weave your Human Magic? What makes your Soul sing? 

Photo credit: Becky Matsubara


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