I’m a few days late to post this Full Moon Offering, but I think it still shines (Leo joke 😃🦁).

This Full Moon in Leo, exact on January 25th, shines a Light on the themes for 2024. The first Full Moon of the year, radiating in Leo, opposes the Sun in Aquarius which is conjunct (next to) Pluto. The Sun, Pluto and the Moon all make squares (90° angles) to Jupiter in Taurus. This creates 3 of the 4 legs that make a Grand Cross. The empty leg is Scorpio, which Pluto rules.

Pluto, planet of the Soul, has been traveling with the Sun since they moved into Aquarius on 1/20/24 from Capricorn. This doesn’t happen very often; both bodies of energy moving together into Aquarius.

“Huh?” you say?

If that sounds like gobbledygook, this is what it means:

No one will be surprised that the skies are reflecting big energies and big changes. The question is, how to work with them to keep our Center amidst the turmoil? How to move through the upheavals (Uranus, also in Taurus) and square that with our vision of a collective harmony (Aquarius) while transforming old paradigms into new ones (Pluto moving from Capricorn into Aquarius) and coming from a place of Heart and creative expression (Leo)?

During this breakdown/breakthrough (Uranus, amplified by Jupiter, both in Taurus) we can use our vision of what we want to see in the world and, working with others of like mind (Aquarius), dredge our Souls (Pluto/Scorpio) of past traumas and old structures (Capricorn), aligning with Love and Unity (Pisces) as we express our true selves and let our Light shine (Leo). This is what the energies of the time support.

Some practical, down to Earth (Taurus) suggestions :

Square yourself (make true) in Taurus. GROUND in your senses.

Leo and Aquarius can be very airy and out of control, helping each other to spin out. Ground in Nature and ‘square it’, make it right, with the Earth.

Jupiter is abundance and benevolence. In Taurus, Jupiter helps us to tune into our bodies and Nature. When the energies around you or within you get too airy and aloof or too fiery and uncontained, ‘Earth’ in your senses (Taurus).

When you go outside, take a tip from our companion animals and, lifting your face to the sky, close your eyes and smell the air.  What is coming to you on the breeze?

Feel the texture of things; the bark of a tree, the fur of your dog or cat. See the colors of the day or of the veggies you cook for a meal. Feast in the rainbow of veggies at the store when shopping. Taste your tea, coffee or meal as if it were for the first time. Listen to the wind and the birds or the sound of a bell. What is Nature telling you? Grounding in the 5 senses opens us to receive from the 6th sense, our innate inner knowing. Be still, for even a moment. It will be a wonderful moment.

If you start to spin out, pick one sense and breathe deeply, 3-5 breaths, with that sense experience. 

The year will be tumultuous, more breakdowns and breakthroughs are coming. In order for us to rebuild with consciousness, creativity, care for all and sustainability we will need the quirky, outside the box thinking of Aquarius, the heart-full creativity of Leo, and the grounded reality of Taurus. These energies will equip us to clear out the old Karma/Wounding (Pluto/Scorpio) of the past and current reality and assist us to co-create in alignment with The One; Great Compassion and Love (Pisces in an adjustment angle to the Sun and Pluto).

I hope this is helpful. I garner from these amazing astrologers: Heather Ensfield, Molly McCord, and Sarah Vrba, and synthesize their wisdom into my own message of hope, solidarity and determination for the world that the Earth, and all she holds, deserves. Humans are at a turning point. I want us to succeed, for all of our sakes.

The more we gather together in collective harmony (Aquarius) and come from our Hearts (Leo), grounded in reality and valuing of all (Taurus) we can transform our collective trauma into the Phoenix rising (Scorpio). The time is now. We are our only hope.

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