A Drop Of Grace

              A Drop of Grace

It was about 2007, Spring, I think, maybe Summer. I was riding my bike to the Alano Club. It was a beautiful day and I was not feeling awful, which at that time in my life was a rare blessing. I did not feel great, but I did not feel awful.

I rode my bike along the sea wall on a concrete boardwalk between the  Bayview and the Plaza. It was a high tide, but not super high.

As I rode by a drop of sea water landed playfully on my cheek. I felt its consciousness as it absorbed into my skin.

It was not that a wave had sent me a drop of water, it was that the drop of water brought itself to me, a blessing out of nowhere, a drop of Grace. I felt its playful, joyous, grace-filled being, laughing and giggling as it splashed onto my cheek and absorbed into my skin , becoming a part of me.

A moment. A moment of wonder. I didn’t deserve it or not deserve it. It came from a place where that word has no meaning and that concept doesn’t exist.  I felt it as it gifted itself to me.  I think of it often, it brings me solace and wonder.

It didn’t sacrifice itself; somehow. There was no  loss.

That is what I want to be in the world and beyond this world: a playful drop of Grace from out of nowhere; a laughing, giggling joyous gift. That is my heart’s true desire, and all of this suffering and strife that is Life in this Universe just clouds my true intention and being. When I leave here, that is what I will become and nothing else; a playful kiss.

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  1. Love, love your musings on A Drop of Grace Lisa.
    What insight of gratefulness!
    And congratulations are due on your website and articulating what you have to offer to others!

    1. Thank you, Janel!! Super appropriate that the Godmother of The Musing Hart would be the first person to comment. You did name this Blog, after all. ❤️

  2. Beautiful! Thank you. ❤️ Lisa

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