Some Day

Some day I will be the mist in the ancient trees, flowing down the mountain and filling the valleys.

Some day I will be the sparkle of the sun on water, glittering and golden.

Some day I will be the kiss of a droplet of ocean water on a smooth cheek as she flies by on her bike.

Some day I will be sea foam and children will play with me, making beards on their faces, and dogs will run through me splashing with joy.

Some day I will be the salmon and gold colored light shining under the indigo and purple rain clouds as the sun sets.

Some day I will be a soft, cleansing and fresh breeze murmuring through the trees and lifting spirits, skirts and flower petals every where.

Some day I will be the smell of a grassy field filled with wild flowers and horses grazing peacefully or kicking up their heels.

Some day I will be the sound of a kitten purring and stretching luxuriously on a comfy, cozy window seat in a sunbeam.

Some day I will be a clear blue sky above a snow capped mountain; crisp and clear and pure.

Some day I will be…..

Until that day I take great solace and peace from these gifts and know with absolute certainty that I am already all of these things. May I remember.

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  1. Pretty! I like this one, it make me smile 😊
    Thank you 🙏🏼

    1. Thank YOU, Shannon! Glad it brought you some cheer. 💖

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