Healing Trauma With Sunflower Meditation

Whenever the sun comes out I take a few minutes to close my eyes, lift up my face to the sun and gently rotate my head back and forth, letting the sun’s light penetrate deep into my brain through my closed eyes. As my head rotates back and forth, faster than a sunflower but in the same spirit, I say over and over to myself: “rewire my brain, rewire my brain”.

Years ago one of my teachers, Dr Liu Dong, mentioned in class that to heal our neurology we needed to wash the hippocampus♦ over and over. Wash with what? Qi/energy/mindfulness/the chemicals of relaxation and calm…

This was before neuroscience had ‘discovered’ that neurons were plastic and could be reprogrammed and healed.

Years ago I watched a Korean drama in which a character lifted his face to the sun with closed eyes and rotated his head very slowly. He called it Sunflower Meditation. This is also a technique in Eye Yoga.

Metaphysics says that light encodes information. I think physics says this as well. What message would the Sun be sending us? Love, warmth, care, nourishment, benevolence…as we are Children of the Sun.

Recently, I saw an article about how scientists had ‘discovered’ that we need to re-wire our brains and thoughts and the chemicals of negative emotions by repeating new patterns. Eventually they catch up. 😃

Bottom line: it feels good, its a moment to breathe and enjoy the gift of sunlight. Does it work? It works for me. Try it. See if a gentle smile doesn’t come to your face and you don’t feel more at ease, replenished and energized with Sunflower Meditation.🌻

♦ Like many parts of the brain’s limbic system, the hippocampus is involved in memory, learning, and emotion. Its largest job is to hold short-term memories and transfer them to long-term storage in our brains. It also plays a role in emotional processing, including anxiety and avoidance behaviors. Web MD

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