Animals help us to heal; to live and love fully. They teach us compassion, resilience and the power of an open heart.

A Thousand Eyes of Care and Compassion

I am a lifelong animal lover. I have worked and played with horses extensively over a 12 year period and studied Natural Horsemanship diligently. My first loves are horses and cats but I love all animals equally. I have cared for and helped multiple cats over the last 50 years. My philosophy is in line with Jackson Galaxy’s and I follow him. I had a beloved collie dog for 10 years. I have since cared for many canines. My first official petsitting job was in July 2021

“I recently moved across the country, and one of the biggest stresses was not having a community of friends and family to help watch my dog since I frequently have to travel for work. I am so incredibly grateful to have found Lisa. She is thoughtful and communicative, and it is a huge relief knowing that Teddy is not only receiving stellar care while I’m away, but also genuinely enjoying himself with Lisa. It’s very clear from his excitement when he sees her and the huge smile on his face in the pictures she sends (which I absolutely love receiving) that he adores her, and it’s great getting updates about the fun neighborhood adventures and explorations they go on together. She is very attuned to his happiness and comfort, and has even pointed out things to me that I haven’t noticed–as he’s getting older, the jump to the bed has become a bit of a struggle and thanks to Lisa’s recommendation I’ve gotten him stairs. She’s great with training as well, but has a very warm and relaxed approach. I know I can trust her with Teddy’s care, and he’s the most important thing in my life, so that means the world.  Thanks, Lisa! “~ Megan Roberts

All species welcome.

Serving the greater Kirkland area



Dogs –

  • 30 min: $15-20
  • 45 min: $20-25
  • 60 min: $25-30
  • Discount given for 2 visits in a day
  • Overnight care: $70

Cats –

  • $25 a visit.
  • $40 for 2 visits in a day

Other animals – to be negotiated; depends on travel time and extent of care needed.